Kuiu Bino Harness


The KUIU Bino Harness is the most functional binocular harness system ever created, with two sizes to fit a wide range of binoculars. It holds your binoculars tight to your chest, and is designed for quiet, one-handed use. 

The KUIU Bino Harness System was designed for easy one-handed use. When carrying a bow or rifle in one hand, the harness can be easily opened, and the binoculars removed and replaced with the other hand.

There is no elastic in the webbing, which allows the binocular harness to hold close to your chest and prevent sag and bounce when crawling or running. The harness allows for a full range of motion while the binoculars are in use. When worn properly, the pouch will not fall forward and the weight will be distributed evenly around your entire torso, eliminating pressure points and creating a weightless feeling.


  • L - 7oz, XL - 8 oz
  • Two mesh side pockets
  • Detachable waterproof rain cover
  • Protects optics from the elements
  • Micro fleece lined inside
  • No Zippers or magnets to reduce noise
  • Elastic cord and Duraflex cord locks adjust the height of the cover for an exact fit
  • Separate detachable elastic binocular holder when not using the softshell holder
  • Foam reinforced base structure
  • Moldable plastic top lid
  • Binoculars easily unclip so they can be put on a tripod.

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